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HPE Storage Cloud Volumes
Enterprise-Grade Multicloud Storage Service for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure

HPE Storage Cloud Volumes

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Cloud Simple. Enterprise Reliable.

The simplicity of native elastic cloud storage—with enterprise-grade capabilities.

Ready to move your enterprise applications to the cloud? HPE Cloud Volumes will get them there faster. An enterprise-grade multicloud storage service for running applications on Amazon Web Services and Azure. Delivering enterprise features, reliability, and security with the freedom to use any cloud you choose.

Cloud Simple — Enterprise Reliable

Cloud On-Ramp

Easily move to the cloud with fast data on-ramping and avoid slow and manual migrations.

No Lock-In

Use multiple public clouds without the need to migrate data. Avoid lock-in and large data egress charges.

Cloud Ready

Make your data center cloud ready. Easily move data where you need it—whether in the public cloud or in your data centers.

Robust Reliability

Proven storage availability and millions of times more durable than native cloud elastic block storage.

Accelerated Backups

Instant snapshot backups and clones allow you to make copies faster and protect your data more often.

Stronger Security

256-bit granular encryption secures each and every data volume in the cloud.

Available Features

  • Amazon Web Services support
  • Microsoft Azure support
  • Multicloud support
  • Instant snapshots
  • Instant clones
  • 256-bit volume encryption
  • Cloud visibility and reporting
  • Data center to cloud replication

No more surprises. See inside the cloud.
Gain global visibility into your data across clouds and your data center. HPE InfoSight Predictive Analytics anticipates and prevents issues across the stack so you avoid surprise costs, uncover savings, and optimize data placement and resource usage.

HPE Cloud Volumes deliver enterprise grade reliability and security with data protection and copy data management features needed by enterprise applications:

  • 99.9999% proven storage availability
  • Millions of times more durable than native cloud block storage
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Instant Snapshots for faster backups and recovery
  • Instant Zero-Copy Clones for Dev/Test, analytics, and cloud bursting

Your Data, Where You Need It
It’s your data and you should control where it goes. HPE Cloud Volumes deliver data mobility and eliminate cloud lock-in. You can easily move data between public cloud and your own data center. In combination with our Cloud-Ready flash arrays you can build your own multicloud data center with the ability to rapidly on-ramp data to cloud or move it to another provider or back in house without any costly data egress charges.

See Everything — Inside the Cloud and Your Data Center
Gain global visibility with the ability to see across clouds and your data center, no matter where your data is. InfoSight Predictive Analytics anticipate and prevent issues across the stack and provide insights to help you optimize data placement and resource usage, and uncover opportunities for savings.

It Simply WorksIt Simply Works

Simple as one, two, three.

  1. Login to HPE Cloud Volumes.
  2. Pick the GB and IOPS you need.
  3. Select the AWS and/or Azure instances to use.

That’s it. Just sit back and enjoy enterprise-grade multicloud storage with no compromises.

No Worries — We Have You Covered

Using cloud shouldn’t mean you need to dig through thousands of forum posts or have your questions disappear into the abyss and go unanswered. With HPE Cloud Volumes you get 24x7 enterprise support backed by HPE Storage level 3 engineers that have earned us a NPS score of 85 for customer satisfaction. Go ahead, pick up the phone, we’re always here to help.