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HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module for Synergy
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HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module for Synergy

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HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module for Synergy
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Wouldn’t you like to consolidate legacy hierarchical architectures based on north/south design with oversubscription bottlenecks into a flat, east/west architecture to increase data throughput and reduce latency with only a single hop within large domains of virtual machines or Synergy Compute Modules?

The HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module for HPE Synergy, master module, based on composable fabric is designed for Composable Infrastructure. Its disaggregated, rack-scale design uses a master/satellite architecture to consolidate data center network connections, reduce hardware and scale network bandwidth across multiple HPE Synergy Frames.

The master module contains intelligent networking capabilities that extends connectivity to satellite frames through Interconnect Link Modules. This decreases top of rack switch needs and substantially reduces costs. The components reduction simplifies fabric management at scale while consuming fewer ports at the data center aggregation layer.


  • 6xQSFP+ external uplink ports configurable as 1x40Gb or 4x10Gb Ethernet or 4x8Gb FC connected to external LAN/SAN switches
  • 12 x 20Gb or 12x10Gb Ethernet downlinks to compute module Converged Network Adapters
  • Each FlexHBA can be configured to transport either Fiber Channel over Ethernet/CEE or Accelerated iSCSI protocol.
  • Each FlexNIC and FlexHBA is recognized by the compute module as a PCIe physical function device with adjustable speeds from 200Mb to 20Gb in 100Mb increments when connected to a 2-port Converged Network Adapter or any Flex10/20 NIC and from 1Gb to 20Gb in 200Mb increments when connected to a Dual-Port 10/20Gb Converged Network Adapter
  • Extended list of direct attach copper cable connections supported
  • Low latency (1.0 ┬Ás Ethernet ports) throughput provides switch-like performance.
  • Line-rate, full-duplex 2.56 Tbps bridging fabric
  • MTU up to 9216 Bytes - Jumbo Frames
  • Supports up to 98K L2 MAC entries
  • VLAN Tagging, Pass-Thru and Link Aggregation supported on all uplinks


  • Integrated composer based HPE OneView included with every frame, providing out-of-the-box for individual Virtual Connect configuration and management
  • Pre-configure compute modules I/O configurations prior to their installation for easy deployment
  • Move, add, or change compute module network connections on the fly without impacting LAN and SAN administrator
  • Monitoring and management via industry standard SNMP v.1, v.2 and v..3
  • Provisioned storage resource is associated directly to a specific virtual machine - even if the virtual server is re-allocated within a frame
  • Compute module-side NPIV removes storage management constraint of a single physical HBA on a compute module does not add to SAN switch domains or require traditional SAN management
  • Licensing support for native Fibre Channel through Composer powered by OneView


  • Optional HPE 10Gb SFP+ SR, LR, and LRM modules and 10Gb SFP+ Copper cables
  • Optional HPE 40Gb QSFP+SR, SR 300M and LR modules, 40Gb SFP+ DAC and AOC cables, 40Gb DAC splitter cables and QSFP+ to SFP+ adapter
  • Supports Converged Network adapters for HPE Synergy Compute Nodes(Supported functionality defined by each adapter)

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HPE Products
HPE Synergy Modules
HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module for Synergy
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